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A quick learning, hard working, innovative individual adept in navigating, designing and executing all aspects of integrated marketing.

Eric Pribramsky

Web Designer
Since June of 2016, Eric Pribramsky has been working as an Email Production Consultant for He's responsibilities consist of creating HTML paste emails utilizing HTML, CSS, and Ampscript. Leveraging Salesforce Tools and Systems, Eric has worked to update content and script email personalization.

Before joining, Eric Pribramsky worked at FTD. He started as a Web Operations Coordinator, working with the IT and marketing teams to implement website changes. After 8 months, he was promoted to Marketing Associate.

Eric graduated from West Virginia University with a Master of Science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. He spent his time analyzing different company campaigns, building proposals, researching demographics, and calculating the effectiveness of current campaigns. He has studied the inner workings of marketing from all different aspects and know what it takes to pull off highly effective campaign; from customer experiences to social media.

In his spare time, Eric enjoys the chance to build, design, and maintained multiple websites both for businesses as well as personal use - including this one. Eric has the ability to work effectively on a project or campaign, either alone or with a team, while managing his time to meet deadlines appropriately.


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